Minimalist Store Muji Is Opening A Hotel In Japan, Everyone Book Your Flights

Serious #HotelGoals

Whilst we’ve been busy trying to declutter our homes and fill every beautifully clean corner with something minimalistic from Muji, the Japanese store has been working on a project far greater.

Muji is going to open a hotel.

(Pause for millennials everywhere dropping their jaws)

Cr: Muji

To anyone not familiar with the store, Muji is a Japanese minimalist brand, selling everything from stationery and homeware over to clothing and lifestyle products. It is famed (and loved) for its simple and clean-cut designs, free from excessive patterns (or any at all actually) or detailing. It’s minimal and neutral, and every established adult and adult that’s not quite an adult but wants to feel like an adult, loves it.

Whilst many of us may have fantasized about living inside a Muji store, these dreams may be sorta coming true now with the opening of a Muji hotel.

Cr: Muji

Named the ‘Muji Hotel’ (so simple, so perfect), the humble hotel abode will open in Tokyo’s Ginza district in Japan in 2019. The hotel will form a part of a giant Muji superstore, with the first six floors serving as a shop (#Heaven), and the seventh to tenth floors serving as a hotel (#Heaven2).

The hotel will of course be fully decked out in the brand’s furniture with several cutesy amenities we know and love. I mean, those amazing-smelling room diffuser things? The little notepads? Oh my goodness… Dare we say it… The mini shower gel containers?!

We are fangirling so hard right now.

Cr: Muji

And if you’re fangirling too (or really just curious what the fuss is all about), we actually have even more delightful news for you. Whilst Japan seems apt as the first location for a Muji hotel, the brand has also announced that they’ll be opening a hotel in Shenzhen, China too. And not in a few years time, no. Most likely at the end of 2017.

Uhhhhh… End of year holiday extravaganza, anyone?!

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We’re feeling so many feelings and excitement right now, I think we need to take a moment to declutter and organize them neatly into a couple of nice Muji storage boxes.

Who’s excited? Who’s saving up for flights? Who’s going to sell all their things and live a minimalist way of life?

h/t: Metro