This Nurse Uses Syringes To Create Colourful And Elaborate ‘Inject Art’

Bet you didn’t know you could create THIS with a few simple syringes…

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The next time you get a blood test done, think of it as art.

A nurse by the name of Kimberly Joy Mallo Magbanua is cleverly repurposing common medical syringes by filling them up with paint and creating some jaw-drop-worthy art pieces.

Dubbing it ‘Inject Art’, the artist swaps out regular paint brushes for a few paint-laden syringes in order to create fine lines and delicate structure. The result is a painting of beautiful colour combinations, busy movement, and structure.

Magbanua states, “‘Inject Art’… popped up in my mind when I was giving medications to my patients. “Inject some art to your life to make it more colourful.” Then, an idea struck that time, “Why don’t I try to fill the syringes with paints… and do my art?””

Painting before and between shifts, the young nurse has become quite the skilled master at spritzing up an art piece. Take a scroll through some of Magbanua’s work below, it’s absolutely sick.

(The cool millennial slang way).

All images cr: Kimberly Joy Mallo Magbanua

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