Pink Wine Deodorant Exists, In Case You Want Your Armpits To Smell Like Booze

There’s also mimosa and sangria versions, if rosé wine wasn’t quite your brunch/armpit scent of choice!

As the temperatures rise and humans start to ooze sweat like summer drizzle, it’s important to always wear deodorant.

Supermarkets and pharmacies have always been filled with numerous scented deodorants – from light ocean breeze over to cotton and flower fields. However, as of late, a new, very millennial edition has graced the market.

Pink wine deodorant is a thing everybody – throw your armpits up in the air like you just don’t care that you might smell like an alcoholic!


Perfect for any ab fab fierce femme fatale, it’s the ideal underarm scent for anyone looking to smell like rooftop summertime brunches featuring avocado toasts and cloud eggs and all the glitzy bliss that comes with being pink wine drunk and in your mid-twenties.

It sounds like we’re joking. But I assure you. We are not.

Cr: Native

An indie company called Native Cosmetics has come out brunch scented deodorants, and whilst rosé wine is typically the brunch nation drink of choice, they also offer sangria and mimosa variations.

Ironically (and suitably), deo-sticks are alcohol-free, so they’re actually less harmful to your health than actually downing the stuff. Yay!

Cr: Native

The brunch deos had their shining debut on Wednesday last week (in line with the first day of summer), and are actually already sold out. It’s like trying to get a table at that new pop-up that doesn’t allow reservations. Sigh.

However, brunch-smell-loving millennials, all hope is not lost. You can still head on over to the Native Cosmetics website to add your name to a waitlist for when the scented sticks are back in stock. Until then, you can sip regular non-deodorant rosé/sangria/mimosas to while away the time.

Just remember, whatever you do, always deodorize responsibly.

h/t: Mashable