Pringles Advent Calendars Are A Thing Now Because Chocolate Is So 2016


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It’s officially November which means it’s officially time to get excited for Christmas. And Christmas calendars.

Yet if you aren’t really a chocolate-a-day kind of person (madness!), do not fear – Pringles advent calendars are here.

Wait… whaaaat?!

You read that right. Popular potato crisp/chip brand Pringles is releasing Pringles advent calendars this year, full of those iconic mini cylinders filled with flavourful potato-y goodness.

British bargain retailers B&M started selling the special advent calendars earlier last month, and they are already beginning to sell out in stores. B&M tells The Sun Online, “We’re the only retailer on the high street to stock this product. We knew it would be popular but we didn’t expect it to start selling out across the country this quickly – people can’t get their hands on them fast enough.” In fact, the crispy goodness is proving so popular that people are even re-selling their Pringles advent calendars on eBay – at a whopping markup, often three times the original price.

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Although our crunchy crisp-loving hearts do kind of get the fuss. Each calendar counts down the last 12 days until Christmas, with different flavour Pringles hiding behind each door. Priced at £7.99 per calendar, there’s something for every taste – from the classic original or salt and vinegar, over to Texas BBQ sauce and sour cream and onion.



Yet if you can’t get your hands on this snacking marvel, do not fret. You could always just buy 12 (or 24, why not) tubes of Pringles chips, and gobble up one of them each day.

Potato, potata.

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h/t: Delish