The World’s First Airplane Double Beds Are Here And We Can’t Wait To Cuddle Up

Qatar Airways has started the service from flights departing from London Heathrow

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You know how you never want to get out of bed? Now you’re never going to want to get off the plane.

Qatar Airways is bringing all the comfy coziness of a double bed to its airplanes, and introducing the world’s first airplane double beds.

And they look as freakin’ fantastic as they sound.

A shiny new first in the airline industry, Qatar Airways first introduced the idea in March, where the middle-eastern airline announced they would be putting double beds in their business class.

Made up of 79-inch completely flat double beds, that announcement has now become a reality, with the service ready for use in flights departing from London Heathrow Airport.

Part of the airline’s ‘QSuite’, the airplane double beds are a feature of Qatar Airways’ new business class cabin. The QSuite was designed to make business travel more convenient for partners and colleagues, and more intimate for families or couples. The cabin is especially designed for groups of 2 or 4 people to be able to communicate, face each other, and even dine together. Strangers can draw up the partition for more privacy, and families/friends can spend more time together and be less separated from one another.

And now – they can officially snuggle up and sleep together.

Qatar Airways senior vice president for Europe Jonathan Harding tells the Press Association, “It’s a revolutionary, brand new, game-changing product which we are going to roll out across our business class fleet, raising the business class experience to a new level.”

And if you think about it, it does have something quite old school glam about it. Like when people dressed up in suit and tie to go on airplanes, and they grilled a steak in front of you, while you guzzled champagne and smoked cigarettes. Sorta.

All images cr: Qatar Airways/PA Wire

Yet just like in those early airline travel days – the service is probably only going to be enjoyed by a select few. Priced at around $4300 one way according to The Points Guy, it’s quite a hefty price to pay to cuddle up with your beloved at cruising altitude.

…Or is it?

Soon to be launched on flights departing out of Paris and New York City, at least this gives us some time to start saving up.

And maybe stretch out and sleep a little more on our earth beds.

What do you think?

h/t: TravelAndLeisure