This 15-Year-Old Boy Makes £43,500 A Year Selling Sweets At School

This boy is already a better business man than all of us

Kids these days, am I right?

With their fidget spinners and their instagrams, and their Justin Biebers, and their making £43,500 a year selling sweets out of the school bathroom…

Wait, what?

You heard me. A 15-year-old London schoolboy named Nathan John-Baptiste is bringing in over £930 a week selling sweets at school.

Little children lemonade stands, scoot over.

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The North London student is absolutely killing it, and is proving true business acumen, by selling different kinds of candy at a very impressive discount to his classmates and peers. So much so, that he’s actually already been dubbed the “Wolf of Walthamstow.”

Cr: Nathan-John Baptiste

Posting his daily sales ‘menu’ on Snapchat (ofc) every day, the student takes orders and makes exchanges at lunchtime every day at school. Ranging from chocolate and gummies over to energy drinks, Nathan sells every product at only 50p, often times half, if not one third, of local supermarket prices. Interestingly enough, he still makes more than £230 every day.

And boy, the boy the balling.

Cr: News Group Newspapers Ltd

From fancy suits to dinners at high-end restaurants, Nathan is living the lavish life, proving to all his peers that when you work hard, you also play hard.

Except, games may be ending for Nathan soon. Staff at his school quickly took note of his ever-growing and ever-popular business (he was active in 3 schools and actually had 11 ‘employees’), and quickly put an end to it. Had this not been the case, Nathan would have brought in an estimated £43,500 by the end of the school year.

That’s a lot more than what most people earn on their first job…

Cr: Daily Mail

Whilst Nathan’s sweets at school business has now closed, we have a feeling this definitely won’t be the last we’ll hear of him. The young entrepreneur tells the Daily Mail, “I would like to become a stockbroker… And in property, 100 per cent.”

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You have been warned. Look out world, the Wolf of Walthamstow is coming.

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