You Gotta See This Sexy Jon Snow Halloween Costume Because It Is Fire (Also Ice)

After all, winter (and Halloween) is coming…

Take My Money: 💸 💸 💸 💸 💸 💸 6/10

Both Winter and Halloween may be coming, but we certainly did not see this one coming.

A sexy Jon Snow Halloween costume exists, and we have a feeling Halloween and costume parties this year are about to get LiT.

Cr: Game of Thrones

Perfectly timed with the Game of Thrones season finale this week, a brand called Yandy has released a dandy costume named ‘Sexy Northern Queen.’ In case you don’t watch Game of Thrones, this is in reference to the famed King in the North (Jon Snow).

In case you don’t use any kind of social media (where have you been?), Jon Snow = SO. HOT. RIGHT NOW.

Cr: Yandy

And now you can have him. In costume form. Sorta.

Retailing for $150, the Jon Snow Halloween costume features a faux fur cape (important) that ties in a sultry criss-cross pattern in the front. Then there’s a leather romper with a couple insightful cutouts, a loin cloth flap, and a belt with studs. To spice up the look, you can add your own fishnet tights and over-the-knee boots, and voila! A perfect bend-the-knee costume.

(That is a GoT joke).

Cr: Yandy

Whilst the outfit probably won’t keep you warm in the winter, you’ll definitely look like the trickiest treat at any Halloween party this year.

For more details, head on over to the website, and gear up for what’s coming.

h/t: Cosmopolitan