This Adorably Sleepy Subantarctic Seal Is So You Right Now

This sleepy subantarctic seal gets you

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How’s your Monday going? Are you feeling a little sleepy?

This subantarctic seal understands. This subantarctic seal totally gets you.

Spotted at Wilson’s Promontory in Victoria, Australia, these images of a sleepy seal are making our hearts melt and our eyelids resonate, as the adorable mammal has a quick snooze in the sand.

just loooook at that little body and little faaaaceee

Whilst fur seals are common in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s the first time this kind of seal has visited the park located at the southern tip of Victoria. The cute pup, which is approximately one year old, clearly had a very important reason to.

That reason being nap time.

so. freakin. cute.

Or at least – one of several important reasons.

Even though this particular subantarctic fur seal is the first to enter the park, it is already the fourth of its kind to be sighted in the state of Victoria this month. And while the beach does seem like a pristine spot to catch some Zzz’s, the sweet snoozer may be highlighting a greater concern.

Jonathon Stevenson, a Parks Victoria park ranger explains to Mashable, “It’s unclear why so many sightings have occurred in the last two weeks, normally there are two to three sightings between May and September each year. It could be random chance or maybe there is a problem with their food supply, forcing the juveniles to travel further afield at this time of year.”


Furthermore, the young pup was completely alone (and also tbh naps are the greatest alone), which means he must have been separated from his family. Stevenson states, “Once they are weaned, they leave their mum for good, as she is already about to give birth to her next pup. So this little fellow would have been on his own. Mum was probably about 2000 kilometres (1242 miles) away near Macquarie Island.”

2000 kilometres for a quiet nap! Wowza.

hello precious

All images cr: Matthew Hoskins, Park Ranger Team Leader, Parks Victoria

All jokes aside, the park rangers warn that if you do spot one of these adorable creatures in the wild, it is required by Victorian law that you stay at least 30 metres away, so as to not disturb the animals or contract disease.

Also, clearly, they really value a good nap.

What do you think?

h/t: Mashable