20 Weird Families To Make You Feel Better About Your Own This Thanksgiving

“To avoid talking about politics, my family starts a debate over whether or not Ross & Rachel were on a break”

#LOL: 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈 7/10

This piece was originally posted on 24th November 2016.

If you can’t say there’s at least one little weird thing about your family, you’re lying.

Aiming to bring some light and laughter to the holiday season, Jimmy Fallon asked people about their weird families and weird family habits, and boy did the people deliver. From accidentally putting weed into the Thanksgiving meal over to peculiar dinner table debate topics, the hashtag #MyFamilyIsWeird was trending on Twitter, with people truly proving that every family is a little crazy. Take a scroll through some of the best tweets below, and look forward to spending time with your own weird families.

  1. Very safe driving lessons

Cr: MauraNealon12

  1. This is important

Cr: kittykaresless 

  1. Some very good herbs

Cr: Backinthedaytw 

  1. This is actually pretty neat

Cr: 2muchHaT

  1. Seating arrangements…

Cr: maddyyypryor

  1. Keepin’ up with the kids

Cr: geckh8 

  1. Family pastimes! Haha!

Cr: urkawong

  1. I feel like this aunt would be me

Cr: ThatKeithONeil

  1. Can’t argue with that

Cr: baylor_caitlyn 

  1. Genuinely though, they were on a break.

Cr: KristenRose124

  1. Jus sayin’ hi!

Cr: Laramie_xo

  1. Oh Nana

Cr: jonathantony

  1. I don’t truly understand this but I’m in

Cr: aaron_bo_briggs

  1. I mean it’s only fair

Cr: mearamcnitt

  1. #GrandpaJokes

Cr: kaitlinjmcg

  1. My grandmother writes down everything too!

Cr: TommiJoKarma 

  1. Wave sounds? BORING.

Cr: pi_1994

  1. Go straight on that intercourse

Cr: naziarathar 

  1. I’d be your best friend

Cr: cayers92

  1. And err, that’s not what I ordered.

Cr: monicamm9

h/t: BoredPanda