YSL Releases Rollerblade Heels, Because Who Needs To Walk When You Can Roll?

These are a far cry from the roller skates we had as a kid…

Take My Money: 👠 👠 👠 👠 4/10

Are you still walking or are you already rolling?

Yves Saint Laurent has revealed some super extra footwear for French fashion store Colette in the form of rollerblade heels.

That’s high heels (difficult enough to walk in) with rollerblades (near impossible to walk in, used for rolling).

Here, see the madness for yourself:

I mean, we already gasped high and hard enough when Vetements unveiled highlighter heels, yet rollerblade heels are a bit of a step (I mean, roll) beyond. Made up of a killer red stiletto and a snazzy boot, the rollerblade heels are an exclusive collection available solely at Colette, before it officially closes forever on the 20th of December.

If the limited edition factor isn’t appealing enough, the cheetah print skater stiletto and the black patent calfskin boot are already selling out fast. It seems people are truly sick of walking everywhere, and Christmas roller discos may be on the rise.

All images cr: Yves Saint Laurent via Colette

Definitely wacky yet somehow weirdly nostalgic and intriguing, check out this combo of fashion and fun over on the Colette website. The stilettos are priced at around $1700, and the boots come in at $2300, yet never having aching feet from walking too much = priceless.

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